meet our team

Our team has over 22 years of experience in hairstyling and treatments. We come from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds, but we all share a common purpose. We don’t just style your hair. We introduce you to it.


Cutting | Classic Styling | Keratin Repair | Smoothing

Eric is a hairstylist and educator. As a Bay Area native, his inspiration is music, the outdoors, and people.

Eric has a unique eye for style and fashion. He has trained in salons and academies all over the US, from NYC to LA. But the Bay Area will always be his aesthetic.

Throughout his career, Eric’s work has brought him from neighborhood barbershops to the most posh beauty parlors. In 2019, he landed gently in his own boutique salon, ERIC ALLAN HAIR. Come in for a trim and a cup of tea.


Natural Texture Styling  | Blonding | Color Correction

Yasmine is an experienced hair stylist born and raised in Berkeley, where she developed a strong enthusiasm for beauty and haircare. She has a style obsession and a deep expertise in natural hair products. Her specialties are numerous and include blonding and color correction, natural texture and curly hair, creative color and extensions, as well as balayage hair painting. Whether you want to make a change or embrace your roots, Yasmine can help you do it.


Blonding | Balayage | Lived-In Texture

Cat was born small town, but her Oakland attitude was ever present. She understands image in a unique and discerning way. She loves texture and pops of color. Educated here in the Bay Area, she’s at the forefront of current hair trends.


Color Adjusting | Intuitive Cutting | Punky Color

Lorelle is an avant garde stylist with a creative soul who loves spiking up a pixie, whisping a piece-y fringe, or adding just a touch of punk. She developed her creative sensibilities as a designer and winemaker before finding her passion in hairstyling and her home at ERIC ALLAN HAIR. Lorelle believes that when it comes to hair, the bolder and brighter the better.

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